Calibration equipment

Vibracord JC-17

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Vibracord JC-17
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The Vibracord JC-17 calibration system is specially designed to calibrate low frequency vibration and pressure. Specially designed to calibrate in velocity, acceleration can also be calibrated changing only the reference transducer. The system has 2 shakers (in horizontal and vertical orientation) and a pressure chamber for a fast equipment calibration. The graphite air bearings of the shakers eliminate the transverse motion

Technical data:

  • Vibration Shakers: 1 horizontal and 1 vertical
  • One pressure chamber
  • Rated peak force: 50 N
  • Maximum pressure: 120 Pa (135 dB)
  • Frequency range (Vibration): 1 - 315 Hz
  • Frequency range (Pressure): 2 - 500 Hz
  • Power amplifier: Integrated
  • Vibration and pressure controller: Integrated
  • Power supply: 110-240 VAC (600 W)